Web development is not just about pretty designs. It's not about technical brilliance. Instead, it requires a zealous cocktail of creative ingenuity, technical ability and an eye for how we as humans use the web. Then you push boundaries.


We start our starlight lab experiments with xpresso from smashing some things around. From now, from time to time we will post new networks solutions and combinations of nodes. pFragment node has many important implementations like welding sparks, fireworks or shattered glass. Feel free to ask any questions if you're struggling with it...

Watch the video on our Vimeo channel



Starting new experiments by drawing mangas with a big picture plan of animating them one day in new Corel Painter 11 onion skin tool... great fun!


Cineversity Live Session

Next Cineversity Live Session starts April 28th, 5pm Irish Time. You can ask questions on the Live chat and Network with community. Great idea, unfortunately only for members.


it's Snowing in the office

New version of SnowFlake for Vue was recently released and must admit some cameras features (rotation around the animated axis for example) or the shape terrain modeling tool are spot on.

Download SnowFlake v2.1 Manual



We're highly recommending new dynamics module in Cinema 4D R11.5 called moGraph2. Lots of fun, great flexibility and GUI designed for 10 years old kid.
Using that module we created a simple experiment as a visual startup screen for one of our XCake meetings.

Watch the video on our Vimeo channel