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Backups with Bacula

When it comes to managing severs there comes a time you realise oh **** I need to backup my entire server and possibly others too. Looks like it's a job for Bacula.

Bacula is an open source network backup solution which is easily installed on our Ubuntu servers and with a little bit of configuration, can be up and running backups in no time. There is a mountain of information on www.bacula.org to get you started but be prepared to trawl through alot of text to find what you're looking for


Animated Scroll with jQuery

Recently I had to write a piece of code that would smoothly scroll through a div until the selected anchor tag reached the top of the div. I tried searching for the answer on the web but only found scrollers that worked on the entire document, not just a div. The answer however is explained below...

function scrollToID(id){
distance = $('div.friend').index($('#'+id)) * 200;
$('div.friends_right').animate({scrollTop: distance },'slow');

The relative distance of our element within the div was calculated by first finding its index (i.e. where it is positioned amongst the other elements in the div) and then multiplying that number by the set height of each element (in this case 200px).

And its that easy!